Writing a diary entry ks2

He had led successful offensives in North Africa and Sicily Younger pupils will love Kessie's Gift for Santaa story about christmas little girl who suddenly feels christmas Santa should get a present.

Imagine ordinary objects have come to life. I soon regained consciousness, choked with the soot and smoke, terrified by the noise, shouts and screams.

The Diary Entry of a WW1 Soilder

Write about going green or an environmental concern you have. The introduction mentions who was involved and where the events happened.

Holiday Journals

Sunday 8 September My darling girl, It was terrible last night. Write about your own secret treehouse hideaway. Visit your favorite Social Networking website ie: Write a description of an object close-up. Write a poem that is about a brick wall — whether literally or figuratively.

I intend to travel and write. Is it good or bad to be normal. Write a limerick today. Write about something you are very knowledgeable about, for example a favorite hobby or passion of yours. Write about walking down a sidewalk and what you see and experience.

Write about something you very much want to do.

Sample Diary Entries

A few days later, the three remaining men were prevented from making advances to the nearby supply depot by dreadful snowstorms and high winds. Write about someone who grew up in the country visiting the city for the first time. In Februaryhe was assigned to serve as a suicide pilot.

Christmas Story Starter Thief Writing Template

Write about giving someone a standing ovation. Write a poem or essay that raises awareness for a cause you support. Write about doing laundry, dishes, and other cleaning activities. As a place more to record their thoughts or feelings, as opposed to the events that triggered them.

Diaries (KS1 & KS2 resources)

Write about a pirate ship. In later entries, she begins to plot an escape to Moscow. Wombat Diaries Designed for Year 2 at St Francis Catholic Primary School in Newham, host city for the last Olympics.

We printed one set of the diary entries on card and cut them up. Each child received a card with pages from animal diaries and then moved into animal groups. The class had been working on diary writing based on the "Diary of a.

The school’s use of the Alan Peat materials means that all classes are being taught the The SAT paper focused on the diary of a hot air. Writing historical diary entries based on real journals A while back, I talked about how much our family enjoyed using journaling ideas for writing across the curriculum.

Even though the journaling tips and examples would work for all ages, they are especially effective with younger children, even pre-readers.

The Naughtiest Girl – Upper KS2 – Write a Diary

The Naughtiest Girl – Upper KS2 – Write a Diary In this lesson children will develop their understanding of writing in first person by exploring boarding school through the eyes of Elizabeth. Download the full lesson plan and resources here.

Holiday Journals Get the kids involved in the fun of holiday / vacation planning with our printable holiday journals for kids, complete with planning and packing lists as well as journal pages to record each day of the holiday.

Use these writing samples in conjunction with the diary writing checklists for investigating features or using as a scaffold for writing.

Writing a diary entry ks2
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Year Six Mersey Vale: Viking Diary Entry one