The westing game writing activities

Add your rating See all 12 kid reviews. This means she goes so far as to totally make up an incurable illness, which she calls a "wasting disease," and to hobble around on crutches that she paints to match her clothing.

Turtle Wexler, having solved the game by discovering Sam Westing's secret life, is dedicated to becoming his successor — and, ultimately, the president of Westing Paper Products.

Theodorakis, or open old wounds; however, Mr.

Teaching The Westing Game: A Puzzle Mystery

Though she is generally a sweet soul, she is not immune to temptation. He harbors a small crush on Angela during the game.

The Westing Game - Mystery & Horror - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

Murder mysteries can be a lot of fun, and Shmoop is here to help you solve the mystery of teaching The Westing Game. The Knight - his move is very special. If anything, Turtle sees Baba as more of a mother than Grace Wexler. Theo is also quite bright, believing the Westing Game has something to do with chess and has aspirations to become an author.

And can we just talk about how great these illustrations are??. She gets in trouble a bit at school, mostly due to the radio chip in her ear that keeps her in touch with the stock market reports after the beginning of the game. She later marries him. Sam Westing - The multi-millionaire tycoon, he was the name given to himself to help sell his product.

They will be expected to look at the QAR template and label the comprehension questions before answering. Her connection to Westing is that she is the daughter of his former servants. His first novel does not sell well, but at the book's end, he has almost finished his second book.

The Westing Games

The pair moves to Hawaii, though Sydelle stays in touch with Angela. Hoo married her for her year-old sauce recipe. She's hired to make Angela's wedding dress and once also made one for Violet Westing. Pair Five[ edit ] Christos "Chris" Theodorakis is a year-old boy who uses a wheelchair due to a degenerative muscle disease.

Other character traits that are important for example, "fast runner," "limps," or "wears black all the time" Step 3: Ford, the woman that he knew when she was a child. This is why she wants Turtle to be more like Angela and why Grace forced Angela out of college and into her engagement.

The Westing Game

He later becomes a neurologist, gaining fame for his treatment of Chris's condition. It was said that Mr. Eastman is the last "surviving" form of Sam Westing. In my experience, students struggle with this. Westing, unlike Judge Ford.

After this, he is rarely seen by any of the tenants. Westing or the other heirs. You can see those in my Westing Game Wanted Posters post. He was a witness to Mr. Complete Comprehensive Study Guide and Summary of The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. The game is "Who Killed Sam Westing?" and the winner receives his estate, worth millions.

Sixteen people, all residents of Sunset Towers an apartment building on Lake Michigan. Write a 2 page review about the book The Westing Game. Talk about how you thought it was going to end and why.

Also talk about what you thought of the book. Our research paper writing service is what you require. Our team of experienced writers is on standby to deliver to you an original paper as per your specified instructions with zero. THE WESTING GAME, originally published inis a Newberry-winning mystery by accomplished YA novelist Ellen Raskin.

The Westing Game Worksheets and Literature Unit

The story follows a wild competition for the enormous inheritance of paper-products magnate Sam Westing, who has set up his 16 "heirs" in an apartment complex near the old man's mansion on a hill on Lake Michigan. The Westing Game For younger children, this book is hard to follow without setting the characters and keeping track of them.


Many years ago, I did this book with 7th graders, and it went well. The Westing Game is a classic to me - I love the mysterious nature of the game, and the careful development of the rich and expansive cast of characters.

It's obvious that Ellen Raskin was a lover of language and a player with thesanfranista.coms: K.

The westing game writing activities
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Teaching The Westing Game